Discovering Matthew

Discovering Matthew

Content, Interpretation, Reception

Ian Boxall


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This introduction to the interpretation of Matthew aims to encourage in-depth study of the text, and genuine grappling with the theological and historical questions raised, by providing a ‘map’ to the Gospel as a whole, and to key interpreters and interpretative debates. It draws on a range of methodological approaches (author-, text- and reader-centred), as complementary rather than mutually exclusive ways of interpreting the text.

In particular, this new introduction reflects the growing scholarly attention to the reception history of biblical texts, increasingly viewed as a vital aspect of interpretation rather than an optional extra.


Ian Boxall:
Ian Boxall is Associate Professor of New Testament at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He formerly taught at Chichester Theological College, and at St Stephen's House in the University of Oxford. His recent publications include Patmos in the Reception History of the Apocalypse (OUP, 2013), and Discovering Matthew: Content, Interpretation, Reception (SPCK, 2014).