Lost Sons

Lost Sons

God'S Long Search For Humanity

Michael Sadgrove


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Stories in the books of Genesis and Exodus tell of fathers whose sons are 'lost' to them through 'deaths' of various kinds. One is murdered. Another is abandoned. A third is supplanted. A fourth is betrayed. A fifth is taken for sacrifice. A sixth is forgotten about. A seventh is secreted away. Through these accounts we trace the theme with which the biblical narrative begins: God's first son, Adam, by becoming 'lost' to his Creator, sets in train God's long search for humanity . . .


Michael Sadgrove:
Michael Sadgrove is Dean of Durham. He has written on a range of theological subjects, and is the author of The Eight Words of Jesus (2006), Wisdom and Ministry: The call to leadership (2008) and I Will Trust in You (2009), all published by SPCK.