The Power of Parable

The Power of Parable

How Fiction By Jesus Became Fiction About Jesus

John Dominic Crossan


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In this perceptive and provocative new look at the Gospels, John Dominic Crossan begins by observing that the parabolic stories told by Jesus seem remarkably similar to the resurrection stories about Jesus. 'Were the latter intended as parables just as much as the former' he asks. Could it be that we have been reading parables, presuming them to be history, and misunderstanding both? In other words, could Jesus' use of parables have inspired the Gospel writers to create meaningful, metaphorical stories about Jesus to help them explain who he really was? 'A remarkable and important book for Christians and for all who seek to understand the Bible better. . .Crossan combines his customary literary and historical brilliance with fresh insights that illuminate not only the parables of Jesus but much of the Bible as a whole' Marcus J. Borg, author of Speaking Christian.


John Dominic Crossan:
John Dominic Crossan is Professor Emeritus at De Paul University. He is the author of several bestselling books, including The Historical Jesus (T&T Clark 1992) and The Greatest Prayer (SPCK 2011).