Finding Mr Goldman

Finding Mr Goldman

David Rhodes


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Finding Mr Goldman tells of the epic battle of good and evil played out in the life and sudden death of a wicked man.
Had he known the hour of his death, the wealthy Harry Goldman might have arranged his day differently. Instead he finds himself plunged into a nightmare in which his life of violence and ruthless greed is laid bare before him.
Accompanied by a disreputable looking but likeable tramp, who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus, Goldman sets out on a quest to save his soul. But confronted by the shattering reality of hell, he realises all is lost. It is only then that he discovers the redeeming love of God . . .


David Rhodes:
David Rhodes began life as a journalist, working in the hard-bitten world of national newspapers. Despite his unease with the institutional Church, he was ordained in 1972. But he has never quite stopped being a journalist and his passion to investigate the 'big story' of God has led him into some strange encounters, as his books reveal.