Who Are We To Judge

Who Are We To Judge

Empathy and Discernment in a Critical Age

Fraser Dyer


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Jesus says ‘Do not judge’ yet our human instinct often leads us to harsh judgements of others. In a world where snap judgements are made in seconds on social media, how can Christians resist the urge to join in?

Christians may be especially adept at dressing up their
judgement of others as righteousness and being a witness for Christ without recognising the psychological and spiritual
pitfalls. It remains easier to point the finger at clearer and more
observable sins than to recognise the way judgementalism corrupts us.

In this insightful and wise book, Fraser Dyer helps us to understand
what compels Christians to be judgemental towards others. He
explores the condemnation of judgementalism throughout scripture, and particularly in the ministry and teaching of
Christ. He also includes a set of practical approaches, rooted in
Christian spirituality, to enable us to journey from the self-righteousness of judgementalism towards love of God and neighbour.


Fraser Dyer:
Fraser Dyer is an Anglican priest in an inner-city parish in London. Prior to ordination he was a training consultant in the charity sector, and led volunteer programmes for Traidcraft and Greenpeace UK. He is the author of <i>Why Do I Do This Every Day? Finding Meaning in Your Work</i> (Lion Hudson 2005).