Why be Good?

Why be Good?

A Little Book Of Guidance

Robin Gill


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Most of us think we know right from wrong, even if we have no particular religious faith. But where does that knowledge come from? Is it something we're born with? Or is it something we learn from the culture in which we grow up?

Robin Gill examines the major reasons that people give for trying to lead a good life, and considers what is distinctive about the teaching of Jesus on this vital subject.


Robin Gill:
Robin Gill is Emeritus Professor of Applied Theology at the University of Kent and Editor of <i>Theology</i>. He is author or editor of some forty books, including most recently the trilogy, <i>Theology in a Social Context</i>, <i>Theology Shaped by Society</i>, and <i>Society Shaped by Theology</i>. He is also Canon Theologian at Gibraltar Cathedral.