Days of Awe and Wonder

Days of Awe and Wonder

How To Be A Christian In The Twenty-First Century

Marcus J. Borg


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Distilled into a single volume, here is the essence of Marcus J. Borg, one of the most widely respected and influential theologians of our time.

In his many critically acclaimed books, Borg pioneered a new kind of Christianity – one that resonates with progressive, socially engaged Christians throughout the world. Now, two years after his death, comes Days of Awe and Wonder, a selection of his most important works, some of them hitherto unpublished, in which he explores what it means to be a Christian in the twenty-first century.

Provocative and uplifting, this anthology will enlighten all who are meeting Borg for the first time and amply reward those who would like to renew their acquaintance with one of the world’s finest theological writers.


Marcus J. Borg:
Professor Marcus J. Borg is the author of many books, including Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time and The Heart of Christianity. Professor Emeritus John Dominic Crossan is the author of several best-selling books, including God and Empire and The Historical Jesus.