Four Ministries, One Jesus

Four Ministries, One Jesus

Exploring Your Vocation With The Four Gospels

Richard A. Burridge


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Pastoral care

Combining the skills of a leading biblical scholar with the wisdom derived from years of pastoral experience in guiding vocation and ordination training, Richard Burridge invites you to consider four key aspects of Christian ministry, as depicted in the gospels’ portraits of Jesus.

Based upon the latest Selection Criteria and ordination liturgies, this is essential reading for anyone exploring their own vocation or discerning other people's callings to all forms of ministry.

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Richard A. Burridge:
Richard A. Burridge is Dean of King’s College London, where he is also Professor of Biblical Interpretation. His book <i>What are the Gospels? A comparison with Graeco-Roman Biography </i>(revised second edition, Eerdmans, 2004) is widely regarded as a breakthrough in gospel criticism. He was awarded the Ratzinger Prize for Theology in 2013 by Pope Francis and is the first non-Catholic to receive this prestigious award.