Leading - The Millennial Way

Leading - The Millennial Way

Simon Barrington


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Millennial leaders are stepping into some of the most significant global leadership roles in businesses, the public sector and charities. Their leadership style and impact is dynamic and diverse, challenging all that has gone before.

In Leading the Millennial Way, Non-Millennial Simon Barrington and Millennial Rachel Luetchford combine experience with up-to-date research to help all leaders better understand and champion leading – the millennial way.

This book will empower millennial leaders to better understand their unique marks, to strengthen their leadership approach and thrive in our ever-changing organisations. This book will not only benefit millennial leaders but non-millennials who lead millennials or want to learn how to lead the millennial way.

Part one of the book looks at the environment of work as we now find it, and eight significant and seismic shifts that are shaping the very landscape in which millennials are leading.

Part two then draws heavily on the millennial leadership research to expose existing myths about millennials, and identify the four key characteristics that will enable them to succeed in this radically different eco-system.

Finally, Part three sets out practical tools and approaches that can enable leaders to lead ‘the millennial way’.

After reading this book, leaders will be empowered with the strength, skill and dexterity to thrive in our ever-changing organisations