Every Tribe

Every Tribe

Stories of Diverse Saints Serving a Diverse World

Sharon Prentis


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The Bible tells us that Jesus is for every tribe, language, people and nation - so why are all the saints in our stained-glass windows white?

In Every Tribe, editor Sharon Prentis and a diverse team of contributors present a powerful challenge to the bias that taken hold of storytelling in the Church. They tell the true, and in some casing surprising, stories of the lives of twelve Christian saints, including St Augustine, who came from present day Algeria, and St George, an immigrant with a Turkish father and a Palestinian mother.

This is a book of saints for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of how church history has been white-washed throughout the centuries, and how that has impacted the way we think about race and diversity within the church today. A celebration of the true diversity of Christian saints, it will inspire the church to become what it is meant to be: the rainbow people of God serving the diverse needs of a diverse world.