Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong

Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong

Helping Christians Cope with Mental Health Problems

Tim Cantopher


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If you have depression, don’t blame yourself or wonder if you and God have somehow failed each other. Mental and emotional health issues strike the strongest of us. King David led a nation – yet wrote some of the Bible’s bleakest laments. Naomi experienced deep emptiness and bitterness following devastating loss, and Job longed for a death that would not come.

This book explains what happens in stress-related depressive illness, and presents effective ways to get better and stay well.

Topics include:

what to do when you become ill
making lifestyle changes
problem-solving skills, including mindfulness

Don’t struggle on alone – read this book instead!

‘People affected by depression tell me this is the most powerful and helpful book ever written about the topic. I keep meeting people who say this book changed their lives.’
Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

‘This book should be read by everybody . . . It offers invaluable insight into depression and promotes a level of self-awareness, which . . . could keep many of us a lot healthier.’
Depression Alliance


Tim Cantopher:
Dr Tim Cantopher is a consultant psychiatrist working with the Priory Group of Hospitals. He is author of Stress-Related Illness, and Dying for a Drink, Sheldon Press.